IE - Tishaba Harris

A strategic listener and speaker must continually practice and take ownership of his or her own use of these strategies to learn English.

●      Metacognitive Awareness:  Asking for help when needed, making mental images, and checking for understanding.

●      Social-Effective Language Strategies:  Having conversations partners, taking risks, practicing English 

We will have fun learning!

IE Teacher- Mrs. Kelley

The main goal of Intensive English (IE) is to prepare students to be successful in the mainstream classroom. In this class, I will help students to be able to communicate in English through listening, reading, speaking and writing. The course will focus on building oral literacy and academic language. At the end of this course, students will be able to integrate into the mainstream classroom and have a love for reading and writing. Typically, the class meets 10-20 periods a week and each period meets for at least 45 minutes. Students will progress through the units depending on how fast they absorb the language acquisition in the areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing.

How students are placed in Intensive English (IE) depends on the results from their placements tests at the beginning of the year and observations.