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    9 Year Old I.E
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    In Case of School Closure:

    Research Paper

    Use the internet to find out more about your animal. Write down the following:

    3 facts about what it eats. 

    3 facts about where it lives. 

    3 facts about what it looks like. 

    3 interesting facts 

    Remember you are either writing about a koala, artic wolf, jumping spider, polar bear or white tiger. If you still can't remember which animal you have chosen, please send a wechat to Ms. Sparks

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      6 year old I.E
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      In case of a school closure:
      1.Practice your spelling words. Use each word in one sentence.

      2. Reading: Go on to Raz Kids. Read 2 new stories and answer the question. 

      3. Writing: Write 4 sentences on What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day. Make sure you use capital letters and periods. Bring this to school the next day.