Advanced Mathematics 2 (Precalculus)

Essential Outcomes: (assessed for mastery)

1.    The Student Will apply and connect between mathematical relationships to make sense of problems in this unit that they are solving while continuing to develop other ongoing mathematical practices (see table below of the Ongoing Mathematical Practices).

2.   TSW perform a reflection, that follows specific rules, on and off a coordinate grid. 

3.   TSW perform a translation that follows specific rules.

4.   TSW perform a rotation that follows specific rules.

5.   TSW perform a sequence of rigid transformations, given the rules, for a geometric figure.

6.    TSW model the use of rigid transformations in creating symmetric figures.               

Practiced/Ongoing Outcomes
: (ongoing development, but not assessed)

1.    TSW utilize the key terms and concepts in mathematical discussions and explorations throughout the unit.

2.    TSW use mathematical models (manipulatives, pictures, etc.) to explain their thought process when choosing a strategy to solve a problem.

3.    TSW reflect on their mistakes and adjust their thinking to find new solutions.